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Sharepoint Site Administration & Management  Owner: G Craig 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site Collection Resources  Owner: Terri Mondschein, Collection Resources Manager 8 years ago
Sharepoint Site Committees  Owner: E Rosenfeld 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Downtime \ Disaster Recovery  *************IMPORTANT NOTES************* 1) to see all content of this section you must log in to the site. this site is accessible from any of the public network stations (assuming staff network is down) 2) In the event techncial services are unavailable staff should pull materials from the downtime emergency box. in the box is a cell phone, instructions for what to do if Horizon is down, etc. 3) all announcements regarding status will be posted in this section, visit here for the most current updates 4) check the right hand side of this page for videos on what to do during downtime--note these videos are also available in the downtime folder on the desktop of HPLD Izzy cart latpos (not yet effective 11.12.2008) 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Human Resources  Owner: E Ewing 4 years ago
Sharepoint Site IT  Section owner: Eric Moore Two ways to open a work order 1) by emailing "IT Workorder" 2) by calling the IT Help Line at 8576 How is our service? Let us know at Where are IT staff scheduled today? For a general schedule outline click here For more detailed information about the IT schedule open the IT calendar in outlook. 7 years ago
Sharepoint Site Laptop Checkout  8 years ago
Sharepoint Site Managed IT Services for Ft Lupton  In March of 2012 the Ft Lupton Library Board decided to pursue the Manged IT Services offering from the High Plains Library District. The project to provide these services initiated immediately after HPLD was notified. Janine Reid is the project sponsor and Susan Staples is the assigned project manager. Susan can be reached at (9670) 506-8561. 6 years ago
Sharepoint Site Materials  Owner: J Hungenburg 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Operating Principles  Page Owner: E Rosenfeld Policies, procedures, operating principles and more........ HPLD Mission: connecting out communities to information, inspiration and entertainment for life. HPLD Vision: To build a solid reputation, increase overall participation and unite residents by being so connected to our communities that the library: bcomes everyone's first and best choice for lifelong learning, is seen as a necessary and important asset, is c community destination and gathering place HPLD Operating Principles 1) On a daily basis the library anticipates and meets community needs 2) No HPLD community goes unserved 3) HPLD service delivery aligns with individual patron preferences 4) HPLD patrons find what they need at first contact 5) We continuously innovate 5) We never say no 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Outreach  Owner: R Kadavy 6 years ago
Sharepoint Site Patron Services  Owner: E Rosenfeld 8 years ago
Sharepoint Site PIO  Owner: K Johnson 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site Projects  Section Owner: Elena Rosenfeld Note - see left navigation for all District project links 4 years ago