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Muy pronto- HIP en espanol 
by Cindy Welsh
 11/16/2008 9:59 PM

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Possible Links for the Recursos section of MiBib.docPossible Links for the Recursos section of MiBibCindy Welsh
Iniciar Sesion - HPLD.docIniciar Sesion - HPLDNicanor Diaz
Ayuda Búsqueda Avanzada - HPLD.proofed.docAyuda Búsqueda Avanzada - HPLD.proofedNicanor Diaz
Interpretando Resultados - HPLD.proofed.docInterpretando Resultados - HPLD.proofedCindy Welsh
Doing a Basic search.Spanish HIP.proofed.docDoing a Basic search.Spanish HIP.proofedCindy Welsh
Interpretando Resultados - HPLD.docInterpretando Resultados - HPLDNicanor Diaz
Ayuda Búsqueda Avanzada - HPLD.docAyuda Búsqueda Avanzada - HPLDNicanor Diaz
Doing a Basic search.Spanish HIP.docDoing a Basic search.Spanish HIPNicanor Diaz
Spanish HIP Changes.docSpanish HIP ChangesNicanor Diaz
Spanish HIP  p. 3.bmpSpanish HIP p. 3Julie Boyle
Translations of freq.phrases in HIP.docTranslations of freq.phrases in HIPCindy Welsh
Spanish HIP pp. 1,2,5.6 10 revised.pubSpanish HIP pp. 1,2,5.6 10 revisedCindy Welsh
Spanish Circ 2008 by Location.xlsSpanish Circ 2008 by LocationNicanor Diaz
page 9 HIP translation.pubpage 9 HIP translationErin Kirchoefer
page 8 HIP translation.pubpage 8 HIP translationErin Kirchoefer
Accent Guide for Ms Word.docAccent Guide for Ms WordNicanor Diaz
Spanish HIP p. 4.pubSpanish HIP p. 4Julie Boyle
P7_P8_Spa.docP7_P8_SpaNicanor Diaz
Spanish HIP screen shots.docSpanish HIP screen shotsCindy Welsh
Women's Health Forum.pptWomen's Health ForumCindy Welsh

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  HPLD's HIP en espanol link
  Denver Public's Spanish site
  JCPL's Spanish site
  Pikes Peak's Spanish site
  National Library of Spain
  Latinoteca Web Portal--Latino Culture and Arts
  JCPL's Dewey in espanol
  Anoter Dewey en espanol
  New York Public Library's Spanish HIP
  ALA and Univision Radio's resources for libraries en espanol