You will need to use the small hand-held remote to reset the projector filter. You will not require the use of the Nomad to perform this operation.

The buttons you will need to use are Power (usually a red button), Menu (a small button near the arrow keys), the four arrow keys, and Enter (located in the center of the arrow keys).


1.       Press the Power button on the remote

2.       Once the projector has powered on, press the Menu button. A menu should be projected on the wall.

3.       Use the down arrow button to highlight Advanced Menu. Then press Enter.

4.       Use the down arrow button to highlight the filter time and then press Enter.

5.       A small menu will pop up. Use the arrow key to highlight Reset and the press Enter.

6.       Verify the filter time now shows 0h (zero hours).

7.       Press the Menu key to exit the menu.

8.       Press the Power button once and then again to turn off the projector.