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Started: 12/5/2008 4:00 PM
Picture Placeholder: Charlene Parker
Charlene Parker
Advertising Posters for SRP?
When I met with Kelli earlier this month, she mentioned that she always has a lot of posters that we give to businesses left over which indicates to her that we don't do a very good job distributing the posters.  So...
Should we even purchase advertising posters for SRP? And if so, how can we be more effective in getting them out?
Do we need to have a smaller size of poster with less information on it?  Here at LP, we are seeing more posters that are the 11 X 17 size.
What are your ideas?
Posted: 12/8/2008 5:47 PM
Picture Placeholder: Carrie Kasperick
Carrie Kasperick
I think that we should order less posters, assign a "street team" to distribute them, and--most importantly--make them smaller as you suggested. Can we have some 8x11 and 11x17? We might have more success in getting businesses to put them up if we make them a more manageable size. Also, bear in mind, some of the libraries don't have a ton of businesses to solicit, so we might need to order less. Do we know how many need to be ordered to be cost effective? Maybe we should tell Kelli how many we'd like to have instead of ordering a set amount.
Posted: 12/23/2008 10:07 AM
Picture Placeholder: Jan Cruz
Jan Cruz
There are not a lot of places in SW Weld who put posters in their windows.  They take the posters, but I never see them posted.  A smaller size might be the ticket and definitely ordering fewer.  I like the 11x17 size....not as big as the posters in the past, but not too small either.  I like the idea of having a "street team".  Each branch could ask for volunteers to distribute their posters...maybe make it a "eat lunch out" time after all the posters are distributed :o)