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Started: 12/9/2008 7:47 PM
Picture Placeholder: Erin Kirchoefer
Erin Kirchoefer

Hi Everyone,


Peter talked to some teachers from Frontier Academy and got a couple of suggestions from them that he passed on to me.  I’m copying his comments below (with his permission) so you guys can read them over prior to our next meeting.


“One problem with last year’s registration is that you couldn’t elect to do the teen program if your age was listed as 12.  If someone under 13 tried to register as a teen the registration would fail and bounce them back to the children’s registration page.  We were hoping that this year people could pick their age group (adults, children’s, teens) without having to alter their age.  It would be especially nice for those 12-ish kids and older teens who perhaps right on the borderline age-wise but read at higher levels.  I think that the fear in doing it this way last year was that people might accidentally register in the incorrect age group, however I was thinking that it might be easier to allow people to pick their own age group and if there were mistakes they could be corrected when the patron came into the library to collect prizes.


Last year’s registration also included a field in the children’s and teens page that asked which school the patron attended.  This was really great because we could see which schools we were hitting and which might need more of a nudge next year.  However, the teachers from Frontier were wondering whether it would be possible to add a field for students to specify a grade level.  That way we could share the registration information with the schools and they could see which of their students would need more targeting next year.”



I wasn’t here for this portion of SRP last year, but these seem like good thoughts and easy enough changes to me (easy for me to say, I’m not on the web team!).  What do you guys think?

Posted: 12/11/2008 2:06 PM
Picture Placeholder: Audrey Schaeffer
Audrey Schaeffer
Hi there!
I agree that the registration limitations for the children and teen programs should be corrected. I don't remember the reasoning for having cut-off ages but hopefully this year we can consider possibly eliminating it.
I also think we should consider asking for the grade levels on the registration forms. It would be great to provide this information to Frontier since they could benefit and better encourage the grades with low registration. Don't you wish all the schools would do the same!
Also...we should be able to use the school information we got from last years registrations. I believe the intention was to capture data about which schools the children come from so we know how to better market SRP and which schools are not participating, etc.