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Use the Links list for links to Web pages that your team members will find interesting or useful.
Project requirements wiki
WATCH the ILS Partner Meeting July 21st
Audio is a bit problematic at the start but if you get passed the first minute it improves.
WATCH: the HPLD project kick off meeting
Statewide Open Source ILS Feasibility Review
Search for Library Catalogs
This site allows you to search for libraries that match several criteria such as current ILS, size, geographic region, etc.
ILS Wiki
To access this wiki, enter the password (wldtmp) on the left side of the screen and then enter your name and email address.
Shortgrass Library System experience moving to Symphony
good lnk to all ILS ratings over last 5 years
Composite of Comptuer In Libraries Tech Articles..Lots on Search
Break down of ILS installations in the United States
Oracle (db) raises prices - food for thought when selecting the database
Sirsi's SAAS
Polaris hires sirsi staff
Marshall Breeding Teleconference Part 1 (Requires Login)
Description of Libraries Participating
Question about length of committment to a specific ILS
Marshall Breeding Teleconference Part 2 (Requires Login)
Measures of Success
Discussion of Risk Tolerance in Libraries
Marshall Breeding Teleconference Part 3 (Requires Login)
Decision Criteria
Discussion of Open Source Software
Brief Discussion of libraries sharing ILSs and Hosted Systems
Marshall Breeding Teleconference Part 4 (Requires Login)
Discussion of top 5 vendors on HPLDs list:
* Library Solutions
* Talis
* SirsiDynix
* Polaris
Marshall Breeding Teleconference Part 5 (Requires Login)
Discussion of top 4 vendors on Denver's list:
* Virtua
* Koha
* Polaris
* Spydus
Closing Comments
Nov 13 Information Gathering Review part 1 of 2
Nov 13 meeting part 2 of 2
Viablity of an Open Source ILS -Breeding
Marshall Breeding's ILS "Percenptions 2008"
Marchall Breeding sent out a survey several months ago requesting that libraries respond with their perceptions of their current ILS vendor.  The results are interesting.
april 1 release on ilss
OCLS ILS announcement
Link to interesting HIP enhancements
Map Libraries by ILS
Marshall Breeding has added a nice mapping feature to his database of ILSs libraries are using.  For example, shows all the public libraries in Colorado on Horizon.