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This page shows all the libraries, lists, discussion boards, and surveys in this Web site. Click the name of a library or list to view its contents. The Recycle Bin contains deleted items. To create a new library or list, click Create.
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Sharepoint Site Automated Materials Handling  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Centennial Park Remodel  2010 remodel of the CP location 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Contact Center (reopened 2010)  PROJECT SPONSOR: Elena Rosenfeld PROJECT MANAGER: Susan Staples TEAM MEMBERS: Kathy Springer, Pam Hinrichs, Barb Wright-Wisner Site is a repository for all materials related the contact center project. Previously in 2007-2008 HPLD tested an internal contact center solution. Results and data that was compiled during htat test are also available on this site. In 2010, HPLD will be testing an external service for answerin HPLD incoming calls. 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Coolview OPAC Replacement Assessment  Project contacts: Gem Stone-Logan, Susan Staples, Elena Rosenfeld Target numbers – 200 responses (40 per location) What number need to like GSA better than HIP? 85% Cost investment structure: 2.5 million searches a year 312,500 searches are failing due to spell check problems What is the cost of these failures for staff time or customer satisfaction? If 31,000 people are represented If 10,000 patrons ask for help 5 minutes helping per year 833 staff hours at a cost of $25/hr (both staff wage and opportunity lost) $21,000 in staff time savings The additional people who didn’t ask for help might be happier with their library experience with the GSA. 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Dog Walk  this site is a work space for the dog walk project to kick off the big read in 2010 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site DSS Work Space  OWNER: Gail Craig This project initiated in 2008 to review the needs and options for DSS admin space. 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site ERATE 2012 2013  Primary Contact: Susan Staples IT Manager (970) 506-8561 BEN number 142237 8 years ago
Sharepoint Site Evans Community Center Pilot Project  Site owner: E Rosenfeld 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Example new page  test 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Fundraising 2009  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Grover, Briggsdale  OWNER: R Kadavy 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Homebound  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site ILS 2010 Upgrade  Project Manager: Gem Stone-Logan Overview: migrate High Plains to a current version of Horizon and HIP that reside on new servers. Prep activities status = COMPLETE Horizon status = SUCCESSFUL HIP status = SUCCESSFUL SIP status = SUCCSESSFUL PC Res = SUCCESSFUL Database Access = SUCCESSFUL Self Checks = SUCCESSFUL Holds receipt printing = SUCCESSFUL Telecirc status = SUCCCESSFUL Debt Collect = confirmed config ok, test tomorro Web Reporter = in process TESTERS Sue S = ok Eric P = ok Marlene E = ok Pat L = ok Dianne N = ok Steph M = ok Dawn S = slow connection 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site ILS Selection  Starting in 2007 - this project is tasked with determining the future of the ILS effective in 2010 ****TO VIEW WORD FILES, ETC YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN. INSTEAD, SIMPLY CLICK THE CANCEL BUTTON WHENEVER PROMPTED FOR AN ID AND PASSWORD - THEN THE ITEM WILL BE DISPLAYED***** 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Laptop Checkout Pilot Program  PROJECT MANAGER: Barb Wright PROJECT SPONSOR: Elena Rosenfeld This page is created for the pilot project initiating in Fall 2008 to checkout laptops to the public for use outside the library. ATTENTION VISITORS: if you are prompted for a login ID and and password JUST HIT CANCEL each time and documents WILL open for viewing QUESTIONS FOR THE LAPTOP TEAM: 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Mobile MyLibrary  Research stages, looking at options to mobilize online information and services 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Office Upgrade  Section Owner: Susan Staples Patron upgrade team (Fall 2009): Staples, Osborne, Wright-Wisner, Hudson Staff Upgrade--------------------- Project purpose: Upgrade staff and public machines to the current office version. Project General Schedule: Jan - project intiaition Feb - team orientation to the product March - project planning April - group testing May/June - training and roll out to staff July - initiate public planning August/Sept - prep for public upgrade October - public upgrade complete October/Nov - project complete Project Manager: Susan Staples 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Public Computing Centers (BTOP)  Project Sponsor: Janine Reid Project Manager: Rita Kadavy contact the High Plains project team: Future Computing Center Locations: Milliken Mead Lochbuie Keensburg Kersey LaSalle Catholic Charities 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site RFID  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site SE Greeley Literacy Center  PROJECT SPONSOR: ELENA ROSENFELD PROJECT MANAGER: CHARLENE PARKER The High Plains Library District and partner organizations, now with grant approval, will extend services throughout the Greeley and all library service areas through two strategic efforts: 1) (not applicable - from original ICMA grant request) Create a mobile internet and training center that would be moved throughout the city and all areas of library service. The lab will be used to meet the public at their point of need with computing and internet services, training, and library materials. 2) YES - approved -- Establish the SE Greeley Literacy Center. This center would offer library services in the heart of a large, low income complex housing nearly 2000 people. The substation concept would be used to promote literacy, information and family activities?? Need help with wording here. 9 years ago
Sharepoint Site Thin Client Project  9 years ago
Sharepoint Site web  this page is used to track web activities and coordinate with vendor partners 3 years ago
Sharepoint Site Windows 7  9 years ago