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Office Upgrade

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Section Owner:  Susan Staples

Patron upgrade team (Fall 2009):  Staples, Osborne, Wright-Wisner, Hudson

Staff Upgrade---------------------
Project purpose:  Upgrade staff and public machines to the current office version.

Project General Schedule:
Jan - project intiaition
Feb - team orientation to the product
March - project planning
April - group testing
May/June - training and roll out to staff
July - initiate public planning
August/Sept  - prep for public upgrade
October - public upgrade complete
October/Nov - project complete

Project Manager: Susan Staples

 What's New


Initial patron Office ugprade meeting July 2009 
by Susan Staples
 8/24/2009 3:03 PM
Patron Upgrade Discussions and Planning are Underway Attachment
by Susan Staples
 8/24/2009 2:55 PM
Office Upgrade Notes For Users 
by Susan Staples
 5/29/2009 11:10 AM
SUBJECT: Training for Office 2007 (ACTION FOR ALL STAFF DUE NO LATER THAN May, 21st) 
by Susan Staples
 5/11/2009 10:55 AM
Office Update - leave staff machines on (for highlights) 
by Susan Staples
 5/4/2009 3:13 PM
(More Announcements...)

 Shared Documents

Folder: trainingtrainingSusan Staples
Folder: Meeting NotesMeeting NotesSusan Staples
Inserttabtutorial.aviInserttabtutorialEileen McCluskey
FontChangetutorial.aviFontChangetutorialEileen McCluskey
Bulletstutorial.aviBulletstutorialEileen McCluskey
Cutandpastetutorial.aviCutandpastetutorialEileen McCluskey
MS2007MenuBartutorital.aviMS2007MenuBartutoritalEileen McCluskey
staff training announcement.mhtstaff training announcementSusan Staples
Introduction to Office 2007.mhtIntroduction to Office 2007Susan Staples
office 2007 pilot meeting.mhtoffice 2007 pilot meetingSusan Staples
Office 2007 PowerPoint presentation green.mhtOffice 2007 PowerPoint presentation greenEileen McCluskey
office presentation for managers.mhtoffice presentation for managersSusan Staples
technology roll out notes march 24 2009.mhttechnology roll out notes march 24 2009Susan Staples
Competencies for 2007.docCompetencies for 2007Susan Staples
office upgrade risks.xlsoffice upgrade risksSusan Staples
SCOPE office 2007 upgrade for staff and public jan 12 2009 draft.mhtSCOPE office 2007 upgrade for staff and public jan 12 2009 draftSusan Staples
office upgrade 2009 kick off project meeting.docoffice upgrade 2009 kick off project meetingSusan Staples
jan 12 draft of office 2009 wbs.pdfjan 12 draft of office 2009 wbsSusan Staples


  Office 2007 Product Site
  Free Microsoft Online access to Office (for training/orientation)
  What's New In Office 2007
  Others reaction to Office 2007
  College 2007 roll out plan
  Next version of Office - Office 14 (and online version) beta in 2009
  More about next version of office - office 14
  Office 2007 Deployment Site
  Considerations problems with mgiration to word 2007
  migration considerations for outlook 2007
  more notes about migration
  migration to 2007 to be slow - industry note
  Great article on migrating read with links

 Team Discussion

Reminder to post questions here - what issues are you seeing with Office 2007Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).