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Coolview OPAC Replacement Assessment

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OPAC Assessment Project
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Project contacts:  Gem Stone-Logan, Susan Staples, Elena Rosenfeld

Target numbers – 200 responses (40 per location)
What number need to like GSA better than HIP?  85%
Cost investment structure:
2.5 million searches a year
312,500 searches are failing due to spell check problems
What is the cost of these failures for staff time or customer satisfaction?
If 31,000 people are represented
If 10,000 patrons ask for help
5 minutes helping per year
833 staff hours at a cost of $25/hr (both staff wage and opportunity lost)
$21,000 in staff time savings
The additional people who didn’t ask for help might be happier with their library experience with the GSA.

 What's New

 Google Search Test Suspended    3/25/2009  
 GSADiscussion3-23-2009.doc    3/25/2009  
 GSATimeline3.doc    3/25/2009  
 TagTranslations.xls    3/25/2009  
 MARCFieldsLTech.xls    3/25/2009  


Google Search Test Suspended 
by Susan Staples
 3/25/2009 2:28 PM
Need more survey responses 
by Susan Staples
 3/9/2009 11:27 AM
Google Search Testing Initiated 2.24.2009 
by Susan Staples
 3/9/2009 11:04 AM
from 6.1.2007 Project Overview 
by Susan Staples
 10/27/2008 2:08 PM
from 9.14.2007 Move forward with Federated Search - hold on OPAC replacement 
by Susan Staples
 10/27/2008 2:07 PM


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